The contract creation is core on the workflow and business process for Osmos. Once a contract is created other modules will become available.

How to convert a quote or invoice to a contract?


Edit the quote, estimate or invoice. Once on the edit mode the first thing you have to do is

a) Change the “Quote Stages” to a status that refers to the “Action Type” “Approve”. If you don't know what are quote stages check this link Quote stages 


Once quote stage is “Approved”, a new section is displayed called “Payment Options”.


b) Enter payment information by capturing the day, the method of payment and amount. The amount is automatically assigned but you can modify it and more payments. Osmos will make sure that you have entered the 100% of the amount due. Next to the amount you have the percentage that can be modified to adjust payments based on percentage.  The column “Paid” shows the current payment status and it is based on the account receivables module.


c) Click“Authorize” or “Authorize & Capture” to create the contract. Clicking any of these 2 options will save the information and create a contract. If you don’t see this options it means that you don’t have the required permissions as a userIf that is the case you can “Request Authorization” to other user. Select the user from the list and click request authorization.



                    TIP: Once a contract is created, other modules will be available.

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