CONGRATS! You are almost ready to start using Osmos, you'll just need to customize a few features.

But don't worry, setting up your Osmos account is really easy, for that, we have designed a series of steps to follow that are:

1. Business Setup: Business name, phones, logo, billing information among other options.

2. Add bank and accounting accounts: It helps you keep track of your customer payments and expenses.

3. Change dates and times description for quotes: Customize and adjust dates and times descriptions based on your business activity. 

4. Add new values: Add clauses, units currencies, taxes and much more.

5. Add supplier: Add suppliers if you need to.

6. Add your product or service catalog: Upload your product or service catalog so you can start quoting. 

7. Add employees, resources and users: Add new Osmos users.

TIP: If you are only going to use the CRM Module and won't sent quotes, you'll just need to complete Step 1.