To create or edit a lead stage, simply follow these steps:

1. Go to Setup / System Values

2. Identify "Lead stage CRM" section.

3. Click on "+" symbol to add a new stage or on the trash to delete a stage. When adding a stage you will need to select and Opportunity type for that stage. 

TIP: Once the stages are created you can move them around and sort them in a predefined order. Select the row, click on it and hold the button to move it up or down. Consider that stages assign to an opportunity type cannot be placed on a different opportunity type.  

IMPORTANT!! The last stage of each type of Opportunity is considered as the final stage, the stage were lead is converted to a client. This is done AUTOMATICALLY.   

TIP: To disqualify a lead, mark the "Disqualified status" box for the lead stages that you want to assign the AUTOMATIC disqualification.  Each time you select that stage for a lead in the CRM, it will be disqualified and it will only show in the disqualified listing. A good example would be to create a stage as "not interested" and select it as a disqualified status. You can assign multiple stages as disqualified. 

TIP: If you select a stage to be excluded from funnel (Reports), it will not be considered on the CRM Reports. This option is useful if you have a stage like "Pending" that is not considered as a sales cycle.  

IMPORTANT! If you delete a lead stage, it will be deleted from all the leads that have been assign with that stage.