Once you are on a lead, go to Email section. Here you will find all the history of emails sent and received between you and the customer. You can compose and reply to an email too.

If you don't see this section it is because you have not yet linked a mail account to your user. To learn how to link your email, go to: 
Add your email account

IMPORTANT!! Only the history of emails exchanged between you and the customer's email account registered in Osmos CRM will be displayed. For example, if the client's email registered in the CRM is client@gmail.com, only emails sent and received from this account will be displayed.

TIP: If you are want to keep a record of emails sent to your client from other devices or email services make sure to BCC your own email (Applicable to an email account that doesn't save records of messages sent). Example: If your email is company@123.com and you are sending an email from Gmail, add company@123.com in BCC

IMPORTANT!! To be able to send emails from the CRM it is necessary to first add your IMAP email account