Osmos has a pre-defined quote and invoice template that is used every time you send a quote or invoice. If you want to create and use your own template follow these instructions:

1) Go to - Biz Setup -> Quote Template

2) Select the desired template from the list to set it and the new preset or default template. Now, each time you send a quote or invoice this template will be used by default.

You can at any time use a different template on the quotes by selecting one of the available templates that you have previously created. This is done from the quote module section Status, Notes, and Comments. If you want to visualize the template before being sent click on the green eye.

NOTE: If you do not select a template from this section, the quote or invoice will be sent using the default template.

NOTE 2: For more information on how to create a quote or invoice template click this link: 

How to create a Quote template?