There are 6 different ways to create a quote or estimate:

1. Creating a new customer

Create a new customer from the Customer module. When saving you are offered 2 options, Save or Save and Create Quotation. Click on “Save and Create Quotation” and you will be taken directly to the quote module. If you don’t know how to create customers look check this link How do I add a client / customer?


2. From Customer Listing on customer module (with a customer already created)

Got to customer module and look for the client on the “Customer Listing”. On the action column you have 3 options; the last one is an orange “+” sign. Click on it to create a quote. 

3.  From the Customer Profile on Customer module (with a customer already created)

Go to edit mode on customer module and click on the top button named "Quote".

4. From Quotes Module (with a customer already created)

On the quote listing, on the left side of the screen, you will see a drop-down box with your customers name. Select or do a search for the customer and then click the “+ Add Quote” button. 


5. From the home screen
Search the client name in the search area (1), select it and then click on the icon (2) Create a quote.

6. From the CRM module
On the edit screen, open the quote section tab and click on "+ Add Quote"