You will need to add products or services before you send quotes.

To add a products or services you can user any of the following methods

METHOD 1: From your home screen

Go to the initial setup section and select Step 6 "Add products and/or services"

METHOD 2: From your Catalog Menu

Go to Catalogs -> Products/Services

METHOD 3: Directly within the quote, when creating a new quote. You just need to click the "+" sign next to the Product /Services combo box. 

For Method 1 and 2 in the new screen you will be given several options. For Method 3 you just need to enter the product or service information:

a) Add a single product or service

b) Add a new category

c) Bulk upload of products and services

d) Download catalog (excel file) 

e) Modify or delete your existing products or services.


You can upload your product or service catalog all at once by using an Excel document (csv):

1) Go to Catalogs -> Products/Services -> “Upload Catalog (Excel)”

2) Download the sample file

3) Complete the excel file with your products and services. Make sure you complete the required fields (Red):

  • Product Category
  • Units
  • Name
  • Product Type
  • Price

IMPORTANT !! The rest of the information is optional. You can add an image, discount, description, product code, reorder control, YouTube URL and Website URL.


IMPORTANT! DON’T MODIFY THE COLUMN TITLES, FORMAT OR ORDER. You should enter Category, Supplier, Product Type, Currency and Units exactly as you have them registered on Osmos. A single punctuation or spelling mistake will cause the document not to be uploaded. Same applies for amounts, ONLY use numbers with no spaces.

Here is a desccription and rules for each field:

  1. PRODUCT CATEGORIES (*Required)Make sure all the your categories have been already created in Osmos o use the predefined categories. This can be renamed later. 
  2. CURRENCY Make sure the currency is written as it appears in Osmos. You can review this information at: Setup-> System values -> Currency
  3. UNIT (*Required) : Write the unit as you entered it in your list of units within Osmos. You can review the units: Setup-> System values -> Units 
  4. PRODUCT NAME (*Required): Free field but short and descriptive. The name of the product must be UNIQUE. Do not repeat names of products and / or services.
  5. PRODUCT TYPE (*Required)Describe it as a Good or Service
  6. DISCOUNT: The discount has to be registered in Osmos before adding it here and it has to match. If the discount is not registered correctly, the discount field will appear empty. Don't use signs. 
  7. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Introduce a brief description for your product or service. 
  8. PRODUCT CODE: You can entern numbers and letters as a code.
  9. PRICE (*Required): The price at which you are going to offer your product or service. Enter only numbers and a point to show cents. Ex: 100.99 DO NOT USE SIGNS "$" or commas "," or letters.
  10. MODIFY PRICE ENABLE: If you want the sellers to be able to modify the price up and down, enter a letter "Y" for yes, and if you want to dissalow enter the letter "N" for no.
  11. MINIMUM PRICE: The lowest price that users will be allowed to enter. Enter only numbers and a point to show cents. Ex: 100.99 DO NOT USE SIGNS "$" or commas "," or letters.
  12. COST: It is the fix cost of your product or service. The fix cost will be calculated on the reports. If  you have no fix cost mark it as “0”. Enter only numbers and a point to show cents. Ex: 100.99 DO NOT USE SIGNS "$" or commas "," or letters.
  13. COMMISSION: It is an AMOUNT $ and NOT A PERCENTAGE% that is given to the seller. The AMOUNT is multiplied by the units sold of the product or service. If your unit of measurement is Boxes, the quantity is 4 and comission is $1, then the commission is multiplied by the amount 4. Commission percentage per seller are modified in the users section.     Example: If the seller has 50% commission and the total commision for a quote is $ 500, then the seller would earn $ 250; 50% of the $ 500.
  14. QUANTITY/ INVENTORY: The amount of product you currently have in inventory. If they are services you can put the maximum capacity that you can cover or enter greater amount.

    Example: Suppose you rent machines, these would be services. You would have to add the number of machines as you have available to rent.

  15. REORDER CONTROL: By assigning a reorder control, Osmos will notify you when the product falls under this control.
  16. SUPPLIER The supplier is the company that provide you the products or services. It can be you. You can review this information at: Catalogs-> Suppliers
  17. WEBSITE AND YOUTUBE URL: This option will let you share a link to your website or a YouTube video 

4) Once you've completed the excel upload it. 

IMPORTANT! If you have correctly completed the Excel file all catalog will be uploaded and you will see a confirmation message. If the catalog was not uploaded review the data on the file.