Go Catalogs -> Employees/ Users


Click on + Add User.

Define if you want to create a new:


a) Employee Only (minimum information)

Enter First name, Last name and email.

b) Resource Enter same information as employee and additionally add unit (Could be employees and a unit of measure on how you bill for his/her services) and select “Is Resource” YES. We recommend entering a Rate if resource is billed by time or project. The difference between only employee and resource, is that resource will appear on resource list on the “Order Module”.

c) User (Has access to Osmos)
Enter same information as employee  and select “Create User” YES. A new set of option will be offered and must be entered. Osmos User name, password, verify password, Role and User level.

Your Osmos plans includes a set number of users. You can always add more users to your plan from here

 Biz Setup -> Biz Profile ->Upgrade Plan

NOTE: Additional Users have an extra monthly cost