The bell shows important notifications to the user. These notifications can be identified in 3 types:

1. Client notifications from your customer interaction with the quote or estimate, it means, when he accepts, rejects, signs or gives you feedback on a quote or estimate sent. These notifications are received only by the user responsable of the account and the superadministrator. 

2. When a contract has been created by a user. These notifications are received by all users, no matter who created the contract.

3. When the web form is activate and you receive an online quote request. All users will be notified when you get a new request in order to be attended. 

TIP: Notifications display how long ago it was generated and the contract or quote number. When clicking on notification it will automatically redirect you to the quote / contract.


TIP: Only 10 notifications will be shown. When a notification has not been opened it will show on the list as bold and it will be counted as pending.