Once logged in you are offered a couple of wizards that guide you and show you around Osmos. We suggest to take these wizards to familiarize yourself with Osmos and setup step-by-step your account. 

If you have dismissed the wirzard, you can always find it on the top left corner. 

The available dynamic wizards you can take are: 

1. Navigate and configure Osmos

2. Create a Quote

3. Manage a lead

4. Create a quote template (Only offered the 1st time you log in)

You can also configure your account by following these steps in the Initial Setup section from your landing page:

  1. Complete and update your business profile How to update my business profile?
  2. Add and create accounts How to add bank and accounting accounts?
  3. Create your product and expenses categories How to create product and expenses categories?
  4. Customize your quote basic information How to change and customize my quote times and dates description?
  5. Modify and add new default values for your business How to modify and add default values on Osmos?
  6. Add a supplier How to add suppliers?
  7. Add your product or services catalog How to add products or services? (3 methods)
  8. Add your employees and users if applicable How to add users / employees / resources?


You are set and ready to go!

NOTE: Remember there is no need to enter all the information at once. You can start using it with basic data and little by little add as needed